What to Expect

It’s important to realise that everybody is different. Our genes play a huge role in how our bodies respond to food and exercise and without genetic testing it can be difficult to know what works best for you. Some people for example are predisposed to gain more weight from carbohydrates and some are predisposed to gain more from fat. Some people have a very strong hunger signal and some could go all day without eating. However, those who can go for long periods without eating may also find that when they do eat they never feel full. 

There is a lot of variation and you are the best-placed person to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you, but it is very difficult to do this without first making sure your body is getting a balanced diet. At The Nutrition Hub, you will find videos, animations, blogs podcasts and activities to help give you an understanding of how your body uses nutrients. It will provide an excellent basis for your own experimentation, without all the endless noise from contradictory media stories and complicated fad diets.

Eating well is meant to be easy and all the information necessary to make the biggest changes to health and well-being are in here. There will always be fine-tuning you can do but the things that make a big difference are where you should start. For example, in clinic I often see people who fret about eating late at night. They are so worried that this is bad for them that they skip their evening meal. The benefits of not eating late in the evening are massively outweighed by the negatives of not giving your body nutrients. 

Another example is when people avoid fruit (because it can be high in sugar) but are perfectly happy to have granola for their breakfast. Granola has a really high sugar content without necessarily the benefits of the vitamins, fluid and fibre that you would get from fruit. It’s important to think about perspective and what you are trying to achieve.

Some changes you make can have an instant effect. For example, if you are avoiding carbs and always tired, reintroducing carbs can make you feel immediately better. But if you are trying to lose weight, this will take a little more time, but along the way you have an opportunity to figure out what works best for you and build a great relationship with food.

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