Shopping for Food

The way you shop can have a big impact on the way you eat. If you buy things day to day in a rush on the way home from work it can leave you open to having to make a decision about what to eat in a hurry on the go. These are not the best conditions for making good decisions about what to eat. 

Planning ahead eliminates this problem so planning what you are going to eat, making a list and doing a weekly shop is ideal. This way of shopping can create a few problems too though. What about if you buy the food but don’t get round to eating it and have to throw it away? What if you don’t have time to plan ahead?

Anticipating these problems is the key. I would recommend setting aside some time specifically for avoiding them. 

Spend some time deciding what meals you want to have. It’s a good idea to choose a few meals that use fresh ingredients that might go out of date, and some that can be put together using frozen or store-cupboard ingredients. If you do it this way you can still be spontaneous and go out for dinner and have the fresh food the next day. It is perfectly OK to buy some good quality ready meals to put in the microwave for the days you know you won’t have time to cook, or if you get home late unexpectedly. 

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